15.5" Brave Merida Jade and Gold Necklace, Sterling Archer's bow and Arrow Charm

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Scottish Green Jade of top quality is featured in slender squared bars/rays.  They are set off by gold beads and a safety clasp.  The green Jade in this stunning necklace is set with the gold, and a Sterling Silver bow and arrow charm, not shown.

This necklace was difficult to properly photograph.  The deeper green in the main photo here is pretty close.  There is an Archery bow charm at the clasp to honor Merida!  A lovely fine jewelry addition to the SatyaRising Disney Collection.

Jade is known as a great Heart Chakra enlivened and gold activates the connection between your grounding Root Chakra and the Heart Chakra and the higher energies.  It is a transformational gemstone, especially in this very pure form.